Marc Jones Studio | Marc Jones

Welcome to Marc Jones Studio

Having picked up my first real paint brush at the age of fifteen I can truly say that the singular constant in my life has always been my need to paint! To express my passions through form, color and composition. My works are all totally original and unique offering a one of a kind experience for the discerning buyer.

Marc Jones Studio | Motosports Gallery

Having owned many sports cars and motorcycles Marc’s passion for these wonderful machines can be seen and felt through every unique and magnificent painting.

Marc Jones Studio | Landscape Gallery | Aspen Bloom

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty and majesty of the Rocky Mountains experienced by Marc and his inspiring travels captured beautifully on canvas.

Marc Jones Studio | Waterscape Gallery

Enjoy these serene and amazing water themed paintings, painted by Marc Jones, inspired by beautiful waterfalls, lakes, and rivers in Colorado.

Marc Jones Studio | Gallery | Mount Evans Goats

Please view these lovely paintings of various Rocky Mountain wildlife in their amazing natural environments, stately paintings of unique and impressive trains.