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In 1990 I became the Field Station Manager for the University of Denver’s High Altitude Laboratory at Echo Lake, a position that I held for eight years. My “beat” was basically the area from Echo Lake, at an elevation of 10,700 feet, to the summit of Mount Evans, at 14,256 feet. I lived there year-round and got to experience not only the incredible beauty but the harsh and unforgiving environment of life at altitude. The area would get anywhere from 300 to 500 inches of snow annually and fierce winds that could take the door off a truck (as it did mine!).

My residence was a log cabin in DU’s compound, and during the winters my nearest neighbor was four miles away. When I wasn’t busy doing my job, I could ski right out my door and take long treks through the back country. Summers were different – the road to Mount Evans is a very busy tourist destination, and Echo Lake Lodge (at the base of the road) opened from late May to mid-October.

I participated in the construction of the observatory on the summit of Mt. Evans – the highest fixed astrological observatory in the world. The lab and observatory were used by researchers and scientists from all over the world. Occasionally someone got stranded on the summit because of an unexpected storm, and I had to rescue them by truck or snowmobile – once we had to call in a helicopter.

As an artist and as a lover of the outdoors, I will always be grateful for the opportunity to experience this wild environment in a way that few people will ever get to do. I know I have a unique perspective because of it, and I value the chance to bring some of what I’ve seen to viewers of my work

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